Ride for Inclusion

Do you know a child with an intellectual or physical disability? Chances are you do. How much do you know about that child's social life? Would you describe it as normal? Would you be surprised to know:

  • That as children grow older, they encounter more and more areas of life where they will experience disadvantage and isolation.
  • 77.4% of parents reported their child was at a disadvantage in life at school.
  • 44.3% reported their child was at a disadvantage in areas such as transportation or leisure.

Did you know that someone who is completing high school in a modified program, must leave high school at the age of 21 and that they are inlegible for admission into any college or university program that requires a high school diploma for admissions purposes?

So, in July, 2015, I rode my motorcycle over 9800 km (6000 miles) from Deadhorse, Alaska to Key West, Florida. I completed the trip in 17 days. Ultimately, the objective was to raise awareness about: the experiences of young people coping with intellectual or physical disabilities; the CICE program; and to raise money for scholarships for current and future CICE students at my college.

My team and I enjoyed tremendous right across Canada, but especially from the folks in Durham Region. Now its time to make this a community event! We hope you will join us!